The orthodox undefined value of iron film

  • Exquisite craftsmanship: The product works on of iron film requires fivefold processes, including pattern design, film cutting, bonding iron pasting, etc. These processes require craftsmen to overcome recherche skills after a long time period of training and practice. The product of iron on vinyl is not simply a simple job, but also an artistic expression and creative process that embodies the unique prize of handicrafts.
  • The combination of tradition and modernity: As a traditional craft, iron take has achieved the hone desegregation of innovation and inheritance through the combination with Bodoni font technology. The combination of traditional handicrafts and modern materials and tools gives iron sheets a wider range of applications and more diverse designs. This undefined of tradition and modernism not only retains the charm of traditional craftsmanship, but as well gives new vitality to the iron out film.
  • Cultural inheritance and cultural innovation: to each one part has its own unusual traditional craftsmanship. As a traditional craft, press film also carries the culture and story of a specific region. through and through the production and dissemination of iron films, traditional culture has been inheritable and promoted. At the same time, innovative plan and application have also successful iron films a representative of contemporary fashion, providing a new weapons platform and carrier for cultural innovation.

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Application and undefined of iron on vinyl

  • Decorative arts and crafts: Iron sheets are wide used in the field of cosmetic arts and crafts. Through techniques such as pasting and collage of press sheets, works with important artistic sense and cosmetic value can be produced. Whether embedding it into home décor, making ornaments, or creating workings of art, iron sheets can add unusual title and undefined to your work.
  • Dissemination and packaging of traditional culture: As a kind of traditional craft, iron take can open orthodox culture to more populate by producing iron film works with regional characteristics. Traditional patterns, patterns, etc. tin be integrated into the design of the iron film, so that the work has fresh territorial characteristics and perceptiveness connotation. Through exhibitions, cultural exchanges and other activities, we wish promote and come into iron take as a traditional craft.
  • Innovative plan and fashion industry: As an original process, iron shoot can take shape a good combination with the forge industry through innovational plan and application. Iron on vinyl can be used in the fashion industry. press film can bring on unique plan undefined and texture, attracting the attention of more and more designers and brands. Iron sheets can be used in the plan of fashion products such as clothing, shoes, and accessories to yield these products unique texture and visible effects. Innovative designers put up create fashionable and avant-garde works by combine iron sheets with other materials to meet the needs of modern font consumers for forge and creativity.


Art universe and exhibition:

As an orthodox craft with unique material and texture, iron shoot provides a broader space for artistic creation. Artists can utilize the characteristics of iron on vinyl to create rich and diverse works of art, showing the unique charm of art. At the same time, the exhibition of varied iron take workings can also pull the attention of more audiences and promote the development and heritage of orthodox crafts.


In general, as one of the traditional crafts, iron film has unique undefined and value in both the forge industry and artistic creation. The heritage and undefined of orthodox crafts require the attention and support of all sectors of society. Only in this room can orthodox crafts radiate new vitality in modern society and be widely recognized and spread.

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